Prince William 4-H Portfolio Instructions




The 4-H Portfolio is an opportunity for the member to record and analyze his or her learning experiences in the 4-H program.  Members who submit portfolios for judging receive evaluation and recognition for their accomplishments.



Who Should Submit Portfolios


All members between the ages of 9 and 19 who complete a project may submit the project record alone for evaluation.  However, creation and submission of a portfolio will result in a complete record of your 4-H year and meets several educational goals (see educational goals on page 2).  Cloverbud members may submit a modified version (see Cloverbud instructions) which will be evaluated, but not judged.  Horse project members who wish to enter the State Fair 4-H Horse show must submit portfolios to be eligible to attend.



Contents of a 4-H Portfolio


1.         COVER  - All portfolios should be submitted in an 8½ x 11 inch stiff 4-H binder (available at the Extension Office or through the National 4-H Catalog), a pocket folder or a notebook.


2.         PHOTO PAGE  - Mount a photo of yourself on a single page.  Below the photo print your name, age, date of birth, home address, and club name.


3.         TABLE OF CONTENTS - Create a Table of Contents which shows the order of the information being presented.  You may use tab dividers or number the pages.


4.         YOUR 4-H STORY - In your own words, write a story about your 4-H experience.  Include the following:

*    Introduce yourself

            For example:    Your age

                                    Your interests

                                    Your family

                                    Your school

*    Tell about the project(s) you are submitting

            For example:    What did you learn?

                                    How did your project grow?

                                    What did you do that worked?

                                   What did you do that didn’t work?

*    Tell about your 4-H club activities

            For example:    Your club

                                    Moments or events that stand out in your mind

                                    Major learning experiences

                                    Anything unusual or interesting that happened



*    Explain how 4-H has helped you become a better leader and citizen

For example:    How has 4-H increased your interest in community affairs?

                        How have you participated in your local community through 4-H?

                        What have you learned from participating in team efforts?

*    Describe how 4-H has made you feel good about yourself

                                    For example:    Has 4-H influenced your school and career goals?

                                                            Has 4-H influenced how you use your free time?

       *   Tell about your future plans and the career you want to pursue


5.         MEMBER RECORD FORM – Use this form, available from the Extension Office, to document your participation as a member.  Add additional pages if necessary.  The form may be handwritten or typed, but should be neat. 

 6.         PROJECT RECORD FORM – Submit one Project Record form for each project you complete during the 4-H year.  Include your Project Book if it requires you to complete worksheets or document learning experiences.

Project Record Ages 9-10
Project Record Ages 11-12
Project Record Ages 13-15
Project Record Ages 16-19


7.         PROJECT PICTURES – Select the best current picture(s) of your 4-H project(s), with emphasis on leadership, community service and awards.  Pictures may have captions and may be cropped.


8.         NEWS CLIPPINGS – Include any pages of newspaper clippings about your 4-H activities and projects.


9.         OTHER – You may include any pages of miscellaneous information such as awards, programs or other materials which demonstrate your participation and/or achievements in 4-H.  Be selective and only include material which highlights your efforts to learn and grow through your 4-H experiences.  Additional worksheets are here.



Submitting Your Portfolio for Judging      


Portfolios should be submitted by September 1st of each year for judging.  Awards will be given at the County Recognition event each year.  Members will receive certificates and achievement medals.



Educational Goals for 4-H Project Portfolios are the following:


            Goal #1: To teach members fundamental record keeping skills


            Goal #2: To teach members how to set goals and analyze what they have learned in 4-H


Goal #3: To create a record of accomplishments and document successes in 4-H and other



Goal #4: To provide members an opportunity for recogn