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If you plan on coming to our next 4-H meeting please email Sydney Nguyen so she can welcome you at the meeting. Her email is


Our club is governed by the Nokesville 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws, adopted by the membership. Please read if you plan to be a member of our 4-H club.

We have a membership 'supply fee' of $15 per member to cover the costs of supplies and materials needed to run the meetings, community service activities and awards.

Our primary goal is to have the children attend most all of the events and meetings. We request that your child come to the monthly meetings (approx. 2 hours each) and attend at least 4 county events per year. If, you, the parent, can't make an event, please call on another 4-H parent to bring your child. I'm sure the favor will be returned at some point. The responsibility of the child will be upon the adult who brought them to the activity or meeting. No "drop-offs" please.

It is important that the parent(s) come to the monthly meetings at the NCOB, so they can be a part of the child's learning process and enjoy some time with their child(ren) in the activities. Other important information is also discussed at the meeting separate from the kids program time and we are always striving to keep the meetings within two hours. A number of forms must be completed to join the club - please read this page thoroughly.

Cloverbuds are kids ages 5-8 (generally those ages through 2nd grade). They are expected to come to the monthly meetings, cloverbud field trips and county events. Camp Cloverbud is held during the general club meetings when Parliamentary Procedure is being conducted. This is a special craft time for the little ones.

Project Ages are kids from 9-19 (generally 3rd graders and up). These kids are also expected to attend the monthly General Club meetings and county events. In addition, they are to "declare" a minimum of one project to study for a minimum of 6 total class hours. Our club provides many projects to choose from, all led by a trained 4-H Parent Leader. Every project is different with meeting times, places, curriculum and goals.

Parent Involvement
It is a requirement, stated in our By-Laws and Constitution, that every parent volunteer in some capacity within our own 4-H club, as well as at a minimum of one county event, annually.  Club volunteer needs are listed on the home page of our website and are announced throughout the year. The best way to volunteer is to organize a project for our members. See me, Sandy Arnold, to find out more about how to do this. It is not hard - pick dates that work for your family, set some goals, and jump in! Believe me, you'll be glad you volunteer - it is a great way to get to know our 4-Hers, parents and staff in the county. It is always a good deal of fun and continues to be a learning experience for everyone involved. It also helps you become more aware of future opportunities for your child as they grow through the 4-H program.

County Events are: Share the Fun Talent Show, Presentation Day, Project Day, Leader Kick Off, Recognition Day, Fair Camp, Children's Barn, Officer Training, District Contests, Fashion Revue, State Capitol Day, State Contests and more. Click on the link at the top of this page for County Activities to read more about each and about what time of year they happen.

 Forms & Supplies

read 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws

All of these downloadable forms are in PDF format. You will need to have installed on your computer Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print the papers. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free at

Print out the following forms and information and bring with you to the meeting the annual membership dues which are $15 per child.

Please also mark your calendars for dates set!


Email is our main form of communication for notices, rather than phone calls. Sign up for the Yahoo Group! Go to the link provided on the home page, right hand column and add your email. If you do not get a notice that you have signed up please email Sandy Arnold directly.

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